We are looking for partners to join our regional network of merchants. Our business partners are the Merchant Operator and e-Wallet Operator. The Platform Operator provide support for POS terminal and e-Wallet API service integration.


Merchant Operator

A business entity that provide merchant management service and digital payment service. Merchant Operator are in the business of acquiring merchant for its digital payment services. Merchant Operator will handle all payment settlement between merchants and e-Wallet service providers. Merchant Operator will be provided with the Merchant Management System and POS terminal solution. Merchant Operator must have a valid digital payment license issued by the local monetary authority.


e-Wallet Operator

The e-Wallet operator payment service will be part of the payment channels made available to our Merchant Operator partners. The e-Wallet operator will have immediate access to our regional network of merchants for its payment service with this partnership. e-Wallet operator must have a valid digital payment license issued by the local monetary authority.


Platform Operator

Platform Operator is a system solution provider for the Merchant Management System and POS terminal. Platform Operator will provide technical service for merchant gateway API (POS Terminal) and operator gateway API (e-Wallet, vending machine, online payment app).



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